Genie in a Bottle

Part of my goal for ROMP Bags is to be working with my friends. Matt Clark is a friend that works in graphic design and photography and he thought a t-shirt design sounded like a fun project. He is a kind and talented guy that also enjoys riding bikes!  We met at a Ursa Minor group ride a few years ago, and he randomly asked if anyone wanted to go to a Charlie Parr concert. Long story short, we have been friends ever since. 
The project was to make a design that would compliment the zigzag webbing that I use. Matt made a few different renditions before we landed on this exact design. The colors are spot on, the design is super fun, and it even has a retro feel! I guess I got my 3 wishes. 
Find these on my website or stop in at Back Alley Duluth to try one on. 
Cheers y’all and thank you Matt!!

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