Hey, it's me, Zach! I create and sew ROMP Bags here in Duluth, MN. I have been doing this since 2020 and am excited to continue making fun, colorful, and original Rad Outdoor Multi Purpose Bags! Since the start I have been focused on creating my own designs built for my needs and wants. To no surprise it has mostly been bike related stuff like fanny packs, bar bags, and frame bags. These are some of my favorite things to make and design. I also make a variety of other bags that I use on a daily basis too. I sell my bags on my website, at retail stores, and at pop-up events throughout the year. I am very proud that retail shops see the value in my product and are willing to carry it alongside other quality brands, and invite me to join them for events they host. All of the shops that carry ROMP Bags are listed on my website. I am beyond grateful to each and every person that has supported me along this journey, you are the only reason that I am able to continue doing this work. 

As time goes on I am finding a passion for creating original designs for other brands too. Some of the most successful have been  the Saw Sacks that Bad Axe Tool Works sells to protect their hand-built wood tools, and Kicksled Sacks that Ely Bike & Kicksled sell as an accessory to their Kicksleds. Collaborating with others and sharing my craft with folks brings me joy and keeps my work interesting. These avenues also bring a diversity of ideas, products, and community.

Moving forward I am excited to continue all of these endeavors. I will continue to stock a website with ROMP Bags, merchandise, and custom frame bags. I will also continue to work with other small businesses to create white-label products to meet their own unique needs. Lastly I will continue to work with small retail shops, some local, and some far away.  

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