Summer 2022 Here We Go!

Summer 2022 Here We Go!

Welcome back summer! Or at least what should be summer. Uh Duluth…Anyway… I am thankful for what has happened over the past 1.5 years with this ROMP Bags thing, and very  hopeful for what is to come. Here is where I am at.
I have always had the intention of making a lot of stuff all at once and then holding onto it as it sells, that’s historically how I have operated online. I have come to realize that that isn’t quite feasible in my little studio space, there is just not enough room. So odds are when you order a bag online, you are getting one made with you in mind! I always love seeing those out of state addresses come along my order feed:) With that said this might mean you will have to wait an extra day or two, but I promise, that’s it. 
I am super thankful to all of the businesses that support me and ROMP Bags by carrying my products in their shops. These shops always get unique colors that you won’t find online. Especially for you out of towners, these shops are great places to find a product locally. You can find out where these businesses are on my locations page! It has been really sweet meeting the people that run the show, share the stoke, and share the love spending time outside!
I will be updating my website with new products over the summer, including a backpack! As ROMP Bags is growing slowly, more products will be finding their way to the website on top of  ROMP merch, and news! I will be trying to keep all you wonderful folks in the loop. 
Thank you if you made it this far! You are the best!

- Zach

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The grandkids love the products you made for them !!

Jim Sullivan

Nice bag, I’m sure it will last the rest of my lifetime! I’m 69 and trying to meet my goal of 500 miles on my trek bike this summer!! Nice addition to my gear!!

Annette Nissen

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